WAY • POINT   a point on a line of travel, a stop on a journey

At Waypoint 2 Space, we are proud to be leading the evolution of Commercial Spaceflight Training through our collaboration with NASA centers. Operating from the global hub of space technology – Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas – we are helping to shape the future of the Commercial Space Industry.  Comprised of aerospace experts, including former NASA and military personnel, and working closely with industry leaders, our team has designed a comprehensive instructional program that is setting the standard for the Commercial Space Industry.

Our goal is to establish a high standard of safety and training for an industry bringing the reality of spaceflight to the world.  Part of this goal, is our commitment to you – our clients. During your time with us, you can experience every aspect of traditional astronaut training on your way to becoming a Commercial Spaceflight Participant, prepared for the ultimate journey into space.

To offer the most comprehensive commercial space training program in the world using the most advanced facilities, equipment and personnel giving the Spaceflight Participant an experience of a lifetime while at the same time equipping them with all the skills, knowledge, tools and training they will need to enter into space and return safely to earth.


The Commercial Space Industry begins to gain traction and by 2002 is providing nearly 60% of all launches into orbit with revenues of $6.6 Billion USD.


Dennis Tito, an American businessman visits the International Space Station as the first “fee-paying” space tourist.


The Ansari XPRIZE for sub-orbital spaceflight is awarded after 26 teams from seven nations spent over $100 Million in pursuit of the prize. Future Waypoint 2 Space CEO Kevin Heath was a part of the history making team.


The concept for Waypoint 2 Space begins as Heath realizes that commercial space companies are focusing on the vehicles but not on the people who will ultimately operate those vehicles.


President Obama announces that NASA will exit the business of flying astronauts into Low Earth Orbit, paving the way for the Commercial Space Industry.  This same year, NASA releases a Request For Information (RFI) for Commercial Crew Transportation with training being a requirement of prospective bidders.


Waypoint 2 Space is formally incorporated after several successful test flights and milestones by industry service providers.


Waypoint 2 Space officially begins operations from Building 35 on the NASA Johnson Space Center campus in Houston, Texas.  As part of the Houston Technology Center, the daily operations for the company are run from these offices collaborating with NASA on training facilities.


Waypoint 2 Space begins training its first class of participants, setting the standard for training future Spaceflight Participants around the world.