Have you ever wanted to be an ASTRONAUT?

To go into space, step out of the vehicle, and float above the earth while reaching for the stars – but wondered if you have what it takes? For the first time in history, you can train like an astronaut using the most advanced facilities and equipment in the world. Operating from Houston Texas the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, we offer the definitive training experience with our fully comprehensive and immersive space training programs. These one-of-a-kind programs prepare you for spaceflight while you experience first hand what every astronaut has during their preparation for space.

Our training programs are hands on, as you are prepared, tested, and readied for the rigors of space. Each program will test your limits, maximize your teamwork skills, and build your problem solving abilities through real-time simulations. Through these programs, you will gain the tools necessary for spaceflight, making the most of a journey into space.