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Q: What is Waypoint 2 Space?

A: Waypoint 2 Space is a Nevada Corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas leading the evolution of commercial spaceflight training. Waypoint 2 Space is the only FAA Safety approved company in the world that will be providing fully comprehensive and immersive spaceflight training programs for both suborbital and orbital space. Waypoint is using the most advanced equipment, proven NASA and Air Force training techniques and experienced personnel giving the Spaceflight Participants an experience of a lifetime while equipping them with all the skills, knowledge, tools and training they will need to enter into space and return safely to earth.

Waypoint 2 Space is working in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center.  Through this collaboration Waypoint 2 Space training programs will utilize the same technology and equipment that has been used to train NASA Astronauts for the past 50 years.  For the first time in history, anyone interested or planning to go to space can train like an astronaut. In addition, Waypoint will work with NASA to advance technologies beneficial to human spaceflight for both commercial and government.


Q: Why was Waypoint Space founded?
Several years ago Waypoint 2 Space’s president and CEO, Kevin Heath, noticed the commercial spaceflight industry was heavily focused on building the vehicles and spaceports, but very few were focused on training the actual passengers for these vehicles and those that did were focused on pieces and parts of the training.  Thus, he formed the company to offer a fully comprehensive training program with the highest standard of safety and proper preparation in spaceflight training.


Q: When was Waypoint 2 Space founded and when does the first spaceflight training program start?

A: Waypoint 2 Space was founded in 2008, formally incorporated in 2010 and officially began operations from Building 35 on the NASA Johnson Space Center campus in Houston, Texas in 2013. It received its FAA approval January 2014 and will begin training its first class of Spaceflight Participants in late spring 2014.


Q: What are the spaceflight training programs offered by Waypoint 2 Space?

A:  Waypoint 2 Space provides fully comprehensive and immersive training programs from 3 days to 12 weeks depending upon the needs of the Spaceflight Participant. These training programs truly test the Spaceflight Participants’ limits, maximize their teamwork skills and build their problem solving abilities through real-time simulations. Through these programs, participants will gain the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to prepare them for spaceflight, making the most of their future journey into space.

  • Level 1 – Spaceflight Fundamentals: A oneweek, fully immersive introduction course designed for anyone interested in training like an astronaut. This program includes launch and re-entry G-forces, micro gravity, mission control operations, space suit operations, crew resource management and more. More details here.
  • Level 2 – Sub-Orbital Training: Three days in a rigorous, sub-orbital space environment training designed for a specific flight profile and vehicle. Participants will learn and experience how limited exposure to weightlessness and G-forces associated with rocket powered flight affect the body. This training prepares participants to take full advantage of the three to four minutes of weightlessness during flight. More details here.
  • Level 3 – Orbital Training: Beginning 2015, this eight-week course consists of rigorous training for the orbital space environment on launch and orbital vehicle operations, intra-vehicular activity occurring during a stay on an orbital vehicle of 10 days or more. This tailored program expands to 12 weeks with Extra Vehicular Activity training. Over the course of this program, participants will gain confidence as they experience a multitude of test scenarios, including spatial disorientation, emergency depressurization procedures, vehicle malfunctions and contingency operations. More details here.


Q: In general, what do Spaceflight Participants receive as part of the Waypoint 2 Space training courses?

A: Each participant’s training will be documented throughout their entire course experience with photos and videos.  They will receive the following in addition to Official Graduation Ceremonies commencing on the last day of the program:


  • Official Flight Suit
  • Official Class Patch and Badge
  • Courseware
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Personal Portraits and Training Class Photos
  • Personalized highlight DVD of your experience
  • Waypoint 2 Space collectible trophy
  • And much much more…


Q: Who teaches the Waypoint 2 Space training programs?
The Waypoint 2 Space team is strategically comprised of aerospace experts who have developed training programs for both NASA Astronauts and Air Force pilots.

Q: Who can participate in Waypoint’s spaceflight training programs?

A:  Anyone 18 and up can sign up regardless of whether you have purchased a ticket to fly to space or not because Waypoint 2 Space trains you for your trip to space and it is up to you to decide where to take it from there.  However, the following requirements must be met in order to attend a training program.  They don’t necessarily have to be completed at booking but they must be completed and verified before arrival onsite:

  1. Must have current open water scuba certification
  2. Height and size requirements
  • Min. Height: 5’1″ or 61 inches (155 cm)
  • Max Height: 6’5” or 77 inches (196 cm)
  • Max. Waist Size: 40 inches in circumference (102 cm)
  • Max. Chest Size: 40 inches in circumference (102 cm)
  • Age Restrictions: Must be 18 years or older
  1. Medical Requirements
  • Obtain Valid FAA Medical Certificate (class 3 or higher) or equivalent. You must have a current electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) test if over 40 years of age to participate or a waiver signed by your physician. Visit the FAA Locator Site to find an Aeromedical Examiner in your area. You may fax or email a preliminary copy to Waypoint 2 Space and will need to bring the original FAA Medical Certificate when you arrive for training.
  1. Completion of Forms
  • Waypoint 2 Space Booking Forms
  • Terms and Conditions
  • You will be required to sign additional waiver of liability forms upon arrival
  1. Payment
  • Indicate your method of payment on the Waypoint 2 Space Registration Form
  • A full payment for the program you choose to enroll in
  • 95% of the full payment shall constitute your deposit, with 5% shall constitute a handling fee.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where does the training take place?

A: The training will take place in Houston, TX. More details to follow.

Q: Why is spaceflight training important and necessary?

A:  To give the Spaceflight Participant an experience of a lifetime while at the same time equipping them with all the skills, knowledge, tools and training they will need to enter into space and return safely to earth. Waypoint 2 Space believes a memorable and positive spaceflight experience can only be achieved through first-hand, proper training.  


Q: What is the FAA safety approval for Waypoint 2 Space and what does it mean?

A: The FAA safety approval (SA 14-007) for Waypoint 2 Space meets the Crew and Space Flight Participant Training requirements of 14 CFR § 460.5 (a), (b) and 14 CFR § 460.51 allowing the company to offer its spaceflight training services to a prospective launch or reentry operator.  There isn’t another company on the planet that has these training programs and FAA safety approval.


Q: How much does it cost to participate in the Spaceflight Fundamentals (level-1) program?

A: Each ticket costs $45,000 – only a fraction of the cost (or about 18 percent) of the total ticketed purchase price of current space vehicle seat pricing available to the general public today.


Q: How do I register?

A:  Visit to sign-up or call 832.779.3959.

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