November 2013

Going to Mars: Billionaire Dennis Tito plans manned mission with possible 2017 launch

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Billionaire Dennis Tito, tired of being told that we can’t send humans to Mars just yet, on Wednesday revealed his scheme for launching two astronauts to the red planet as early as December 2017. Dubbed “Inspiration Mars,” the flyby mission would exploit a rare alignment of Earth and Mars that [...]

September 2013

WATCH: Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus cargo ship docks with Space Station

September 30th, 2013|Categories: News, Photography, Video|Tags: , , , , , |

An unmanned cargo ship successfully berthed with the orbiting International Space Station on Sunday following a one-week delay due to a technical glitch, NASA said. ISS astronauts “successfully captured the Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo spacecraft with the station’s robotic arm” at 1100 GMT, NASA said. “Following its capture, the spacecraft [...]

Software, vehicle congestion delay Cygnus docking at Space Station

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A slight glitch means docking is on hold until after new crew arrives on Soyuz. After an apparently flawless launch last week, Orbital Sciences' Cygnus capsule was supposed to have docked on the International Space Station over the weekend. It didn't happen. Apparently, some of the data being sent down [...]