November 2013

Going to Mars: Billionaire Dennis Tito plans manned mission with possible 2017 launch

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Billionaire Dennis Tito, tired of being told that we can’t send humans to Mars just yet, on Wednesday revealed his scheme for launching two astronauts to the red planet as early as December 2017. Dubbed “Inspiration Mars,” the flyby mission would exploit a rare alignment of Earth and Mars that [...]

Sci-Fi Film ‘Europa Report’ Launches in New York City

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NEW YORK — The science fiction film "Europa Report" is set to hit movie theaters Friday (Aug. 2), but tonight, the film will launch at one of the major science centers in the Big Apple: the American Museum of Natural History. "Europa Report" documents the fictional tale of the first [...]

Happy 15th birthday, International Space Station!

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The International Space Station celebrates its 15th birthday Wednesday, marking the day in 1998 when a Russian rocket lifted the first piece of what is now the largest manmade structure ever built in space. The launch of the module named Zarya ("Sunrise" in Russian) kicked off an unprecedented international undertaking [...]

NASA Hails Success of Commercial Cargo Effort, Looks Ahead to Crew Flights

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WASHINGTON, DC (NASA PR) — NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Wednesday hailed the success of the agency’s public-private partnership with American companies to resupply the International Space Station and announced the next phase of contracting with U.S. companies to transport astronauts is set to begin next week. A little more than [...]